BROADVIEW | changing perspectives

from best practice to new practice

You have arrived at BROADVIEW
Unravel, play, discover, decide and undertake.

BROADVIEW helps to quickly get a complete overview of a complex situation.
Improve your solutions. Save time and money!

Focus & Collect
accurately establish your focus.

With BROADVIEW you collect relevant information with regards to your focus, in a simple and structured way.

You weigh the role and influence of the individual pieces of information on the focus, and create connections between them.

Plan & Act
from insight to action as an integral part.

Set objectives and actions for each aspect and assign them to yourself or your teammates. Using the timeline you keep track of the planning and implementation.

Create a new snapshot when the situation has changed. With BROADVIEW it doesn't stop with a single glance. All snapshots have their own place on the timeline.

Explore & Play
be surprised by the insightful perspective you get in BROADVIEW.

Explore the information using our innovative visualisation techniques. Search levers, track connections and communicate with stakeholders or your team.

Play with the aspects you might want to address: you change a score and get real-time feedback of the influence on the other aspects.

Everywhere & Secure
work place independent in a secure environment.

The BROADVIEW | app is a SaaS solution, so do not worry about installation, maintenance and updates. You get 24-hour access in your own work environment.

We only work with Dutch hosting providers that meet the highest standards of security and availability.

Open one of the core domains of BROADVIEW

And cause a revolution in the quality of decisions.

success and continuity

Which steps will lead you to the desired outcome, to achieving those organisation goals, even on a long term? What to deploy, stimulate or halt? Use BROADVIEW to develop a strong and robust strategy, rendering success and continuity.

goto Strategy

Public Governance
sustainable success

Dealing with many actors, opinions and interdependencies? How to make congruent decisions based on the broader perspective? With BROADVIEW you will develop more intelligent and sustainable public policies and tackle those complex societal challenges.

goto Public Governance

Health & Wellbeing
general wellbeing

Do you want to focus health care on Quality of Life or the General Wellbeing of your patient? Work in a truly integral manor together with your patient? Use BROADVIEW to raise the bar in care and cure and help reduce overall cost

goto Health and Wellbeing

Work & Education
individual development

Do you want to explore the bigger picture of individual development? Be able to make decisions that serve you and your goals best. With BROADVIEW you work and learn in a way that seamlessly matches with who you are.

goto Work & Education

We don't believe in the world we see; we see the world we believe.


If you look carefully at the tail of a frog, you see that he doesn't have one.


Logic brings you from A to B. Imagination brings you everywhere.


BROADVIEW | Licenses

Transparent, friendly and easy to use.


demo license


  • 1 file / case
  • 3 weeks access
  • Easy to convert to basic license


basic license


  • 24/7 secure access, wherever you are
  • Create your own files and users
  • Monthly contracting period
  • E-mail helpdesk
  • Access BROADVIEW | academy meetings

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Tailor made

Tailor made


  • Tailored content
  • Several courses
  • Own look and feel

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A persistent recurring problem in your organisation? An issue where much is done without reaching a real solution?

The people behind BROADVIEW

  • BROADVIEW | Bart Steverink

Bart Steverink
founder / partner

I am driven by the need to be able to understand complex problems. In this, I use every tool that I can get a hold off. I can quickly get an overview of the situation, and when I have achieved my goals, the insights generated in the process are used to their full benefit.

  • BROADVIEW | Jos Metselaar

Jos Metselaar
founder / partner

I live and work driven by a serious dose of curiosity. Never settle with the situation at hand, but explore, experiment and invent, just as long as required to turn the situation around.

  • BROADVIEW | Joanne nh Wong

Joanne nh Wong
visual designer

Being a multi-lingual designer with a thinking cap, I have always loved learnings in all fields, in particular intercultural skills. For me happiness is bringing the design synthesis between functions and forms, to make beautiful designs that work well, and to help people have a better life.

  • BROADVIEW | Antons Kalou

Antonis Kalou
software developer

I am determined and vivacious. I strive for excellence and believe in simplicity. Simplicity is elegance.

  • BROADVIEW | Anna Soedira

Anna Soedira
Cooperation partner mediation / legal advice

As a mediator I strongly believe in the power of connections. Whenever I deal with a conflict situation I always look for them. Connections give you the courage to see the other and yourself. I devote myself to leverage the openings that arise from this and endeavour in jointly searching for conflict resolutions.

  • BROADVIEW | Geert Klein Breteler

Geert Klein Breteler
Cooperation partner MeXtra

I live and work from the passion to create beautiful things to the benefit of health care. My experience in the health care has helped me to do this differently and better. My philosophy is Think Big, Take Small Steps and Start Today.

  • BROADVIEW | Maarten Dekker

Maarten Dekker
Cooperation partner MeXtra

I am a builder. This started with Lego, but has evolved to building complex web applications. The more pieces in the puzzle, the more interesting it is to me; making bigger pieces out of the small ones, until only a few large ones remain. This is what I like!

  • BROADVIEW | Rein Heddema

Rein Heddema
Cooperation partner iStart (SWFP)

I am driven by the need to have an impact. I achieve this by increasing the performance of people and organisations. To help them reach their potentials, I gladly devote my HR expertise and executive experience.

  • BROADVIEW | Henry Livestroo

Henry Livestroo
Cooperation partner strategy

I believe in the power of simplicity. By nature I have a drive to simplify things. To take on a challenging problem, unravel it and work on it until its inner core and associated connections are revealed.

  • BROADVIEW | Deanne Radema

Deanne Radema
Samenwerkingspartner zorg & welzijn

Ik sta voor beweging. Van mensen, van kennis, van vraagstukken, van organisaties. Vanuit de dagelijkse praktijk van professionals en organisaties nieuwe inzichten en vergezichten inbrengen, kleur toevoegen en andere paden inslaan. Kaders bieden, maar niet inkaderen. Om ten slotte niet te vergeten een en ander concreet te maken voor de praktijk van morgen. En om met Loesje af te sluiten: ik zie BROADVIEW als de ideale hangplek voor vrije gedachten!

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