BROADVIEW | academy
Go in depth with BROADVIEW

Learn how you can get the most out of BROADVIEW. Play
together with other participants, with actual cases and discover new perspectives.

Exclusive Participation

4 times per year we organise BROADVIEW | academy at a central location in the Netherlands. After all, when you work with BROADVIEW, it makes perfect sense to expand your horizon.

Users and licensees of the application meet around current themes, theoretical backgrounds, but especially around case studies and simulations from different application domains.

The BROADVIEW license entitles you to participate in these inspiring meetings.

Get to work

In the academy we work with case studies, brought up by the participants themselves. Together we will turn these cases inside out. We also work with current social issues or international challenges.

We will explore the theories of Systems Thinking, System Dynamics, divergent thinking, serendipity and more. This will help you to discover new perspectives and find previously revolutionary new solutions.

Go in depth

In the BROADVIEW | academy meetings the essence of BROADVIEW will be put to use in many different ways.

In essence, working with BROADVIEW is about something very much universal: it is about learning to understand the dynamics and mechanics of natural systems.

Every situation in our daily lives is based on some sort of natural system. A system in which facts, events, acts and emotions all play a role and interact.

More insight, a broader perspective and a deeper understanding all render huge benefits.

Automatic invitation

Do you have a BROADVIEW license or do you have a user account? You will automatically receive an invitation for the BROADVIEW | academy. You will receive the program upon registration.

The fees are limited to a small contribution for catering and the location.