a unique experience with
BROADVIEW | tailor made

In your own language, form and function.


In BROADVIEW you will analyze a complex situation quickly and effectively. The first step you take is to gather bits of information, i.e. details that stand out or require attention.

To facilitate this the BROADVIEW wheel has been developed. Predefined wheels are available for quickly growing number of different applications.

Training courses

There are many possibilities for customised BROADVIEW trainings. We offer training courses on the following topics:

  • systems thinking
  • system dynamics
  • divergent thinking
  • strategy and organizational development
All trainings can be customised and combined (also with internal training programs).

A custom 'wheel'

If the general purpose wheels do not fully meet your requirements, you can design your own wheel. This wheel will represent your unique vision and language.

The aspects that you add to the wheel combine to make up your own specific language. A language that can be used to communicate with your colleagues and clients.


BROADVIEW works great as a stand alone application. However, due to the friendly architecture of the instrument, it is also possible to integrate BROADVIEW within an existing IT infrastructure. You could for example feed data from business software into BROADVIEW and explore critical relations.

Adding your company logo and create your own look & feel, customising user groups to share files remotely are just a few examples of the endless possibilities with BROADVIEW.

For more information, contact
Bart Steverink on +31 6 2823 1018 or 06 814 64 364 Jos Metselaar on +31 6 814 64 364.

Or send an email to info@broad-view.nl